Thursday, December 07, 2017

Nooodles MEL Airport

After asr praryer we then went for early dinner at Nooodles - a restaurant at MEL Airport serving halal menu. Halal logo is display right at the counter.

The counter

the menu

- - - - -

MEL Airport - musola facility

After a long drive from GOR we arrived at MEL Airport at about five o'clock. Since its already asr time we headed straight to the musola which is located at Terminal 2 of MEL Airport.

The direction to musola

The musola

The ablution room
- - - - -

Twelve Apostle - the view

Some scenic view of the Twelve Apostle.

twelve apostle

info signage

welcoming signage
- - - - -

The Twelve Apostles - the Main Entrance

Twelve Apostles is the must visit place itinerary of the Great Ocean Road.

The main entrance block

The big display map

A big welcome greeting

- - - - -

The London Bridge - the Great Ocean Road

Our next stop of the GOR tour is the London Bridge.

The London Bridge of the GOR

- - - - -

The Razorback - Great Ocean Road

Another scenic spot along the GOR is the Razorback. The Razorback is yet another rock formation - a limestone stack that stands in cove that is constantly subjected to the forces of wind and water erosion of the Southern Ocean (read source - here)

- - - - -

The Grotto - Great Ocean Road

After about one hour drive from Koroit we reached the Great Ocean Road and out first stop is The Grotto. The attraction there is a sinkhole geological formation. One need to spend here at least half an hour. Avoid being there at 3 o'clock because that is the peak time tourist arrived Grotto from Melbourne.

Shaping a Grotto

The stairs down to the sinkhole

Some tips and info on GOR visit can be read here.
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Deakin University Warrnambool Campus

Deakin University has a campus in Warrnambool. It is offering agri-related business and management courses there. We did a short stop at the campus otw of our journey to GOR.

The entrance to Deakin Warrnambool Campus

One of the blocks just near the entrance

- - - - -

Koroit Town

The next morning after breakfast we check-out from the homestay. We passed through Koroit town and took the opportunity to snapped few photos of the shop we found there.

Koroit Motor Garage

Alex's Pizza

This shop is selling antiques item

Daly's ... a grocery store

- - - - -

Dinner at Halal Restaurant Warrnambool

It is almost time for dinner. Kroit is a very small town with population just about 2000. There is not much eating places at Koroit. With no big supermarket like Coles either. So to have dinner we travel a bit far to another town Warrnambool which is about 18 km away. We reached there after about 20 minutes drive.

There is a halal restaurant in Warrnambool - India Gate - serving Indian food.

India Gate

Next to it is a fish and chip restaurant

Nan bread and curry
- - - - -

The Homestay at Koroit

The guesthouse we stayed in Koroit has three bedrooms.

The living room

Lots of sofa

The hall

Dining area

- - - - -

Arrived Koroit

We arrived at our destination Koroit quite late at around 6 o'clock after about an hour drive from Lake Tooliorook. Koroit is a small town 274 km away and slightly more than three hours drive from Melbourne. Being arrived we headed straight to the homestay which is located at the Koroit junction along the road Warrnambool to Port Fairy.


The homestay frontage

- - - - -

Lake Tooliorook

After finished with assignment in MEL we proceed our travelling plan to a small town which is about three hour drive away. Along the journey we made a short stop at Lake Tooliorook. The lake is famous for fishing and it is 173 km from MEL and we reached there after two hour drive.

Visit tourism for more info on Lake Tooliorook.

The wooden jetty at the lake

The warning sign

Some info on fishing at the lake

A scenic view of the lake

Visitor come with boat to fish

- - - - -