Saturday, December 02, 2017

Pizza House .... Sofia Restaurant

After been to places every one is hungry and its time for lunch. Lets go to Sofia Restaurant. They serve pizzas and lot more delicious menus. And what more ... all are halal.

The address

The menu

The inside

The dishes
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Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes

Brighton Beach is famous for its rows of hut-type structures. The buildings are actually specially build as bathing box for the beach visitors. The place is also known as Port Phillip Beach or just Esplanade. It is one of the wealthiest areas in MEL.The place is about 13 km and about twenty minutes drive from MEL city. There is a report stating the box was sold for AUD200k and bought by a local residence nearby (read here).

Bathing Boxes at Brighton Beach, MEL

Read about Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes here - visitvictoria ; realestate ;
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Friday, December 01, 2017

Buying Lilydale

Buying Lilydale at Coles Lanor Plaza. What is Lilydale? It is a famous brand product of chicken in Victoria. We can buy Lilidale from supermarkert like Coles. And they are halal even though there is no halal logo on it.

Lilydale at shelf

Cooking Lilydale

Lilydale ready on the table

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Sunshine Mosque Victoria

While staying in Thomastown we also got the opportunity to visit Sunshine Mosque. The mosque is located at 616 Ballarat Road, Ardeer, about 20 minutes drive from Thomastown. It is a big mosque by Aussie standard. We spend time to perform jamaq prayer there.

The signage

The main hall

Prayer hall

Back entrance door

Ablution facility
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Thomastown Mosque

There are about 200,000 muslims live in Thomastown (source - starweekly) and there is a mosque at Thomastown - the Thomastown Mosque. The mosque is located at Station Street. The mosque is very close to the guesthouse where we stay - about one kilometer / two minutes drive from Cedar Street.

The Thomastown Mosque

The minaret

Shoes rack

The prayer hall

Spacious and neat
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Halal Eateries Thomastown

It seems that many Muslims are there at Thomastown. The indication is there are many halal eateris available there. We went to Lalor Plaza and found the following halal kiosks.

Mariam's Pizza

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Stay at a Guesthouse in Melbourne

We booked a guesthouse for accommodation in Melbourne. The guesthouse is located at Thomastown area - somewhere near Parklands Drive & Rochester Drive. (Booked thru airbnb -source - link). It is about 30 minutes drive from MEL city center.

The guesthouse has three bedrooms, big living room, and kitchen. It is good for six or seven people to stay. Washing machine is provided.

Hanna seems very excited

Melbourne Central

From the airport (and Apex Car Rentals) we headed to Melbourne City Center. It was raining along the whole journey. We made a stop at Melbourne Central looking for place to have lunch. There we found Nandos which serve halal chicken.

Also available in Melbourne Central is Coles. We went there to buy some groceries as preparation for meals at the guesthouse we stay.

Melbourne Central Station

Bakery at Coles in Melbourne Central

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Apex Car Rentals

From the airport we waited for transfer coach to take us to Apex Car Rentals. Arrangement for car rentals have been done prior to arrival date. By doing that transfer coach is provided by Apex. The Apex office is about 15 minutes drive from the airport.

At the Apex office

Rented car is ready ... Hyundai

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Arrived MEL

We departed from Klia2 at 10.20 pm and the flight time to MEL is about eight hours. We arrived MEL around 8 am (MEL time) the next day. Time different is three hours (note about day time saving in summer) - MEL is ahead of Msia. The arrival is at Terminal 2 Melbourne Tullamarine Airport.

Melbourne airport is the second busiest in Australia (after Sydney). The airport is about 23 km from MEL city center.

Happily arrived at MEL
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Monday, November 27, 2017

JTS Dinner - Sarawak Club House

After finished the day one session in the night we were treated with a special dinner. The dinner was held at the Sarawak Club House and hosted by a practicing land surveyor, Mr Bong. He is also contributing in the establishment of Cors point for the survey project. The dinner was attended also by two JTS officers Encik Ruslan (ADS) and Encik Romzi.

The team at the dinner
(Mr Bong is standing on the left)

A special menu

Info on the Sarawak Club house can be read here - club.
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.    ,

Perasmian Bengkel JTS

Progam Bengkel JTS bermula pagi dengan perasmian oleh Assistant Director of Survey (ADS) Encik Ruslan (Gred 54).

Ucapan perasmian oleh Encik Ruslan
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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Dayang Salhah Cuisine

After strolling at the DH it was almost maghrib and we went back to Pullman. There is a restaurant at Level LG - Dayang Salhah Cuisine. We went there for dinner. They have authentic Sarawak menu and I tried Mee Kolok.

Dayang Salhah is actually famous for its Kek Lapis business. But that is at different premise.

Dinner at Dayang Salhah
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Jambatan Darul Hana Kuching

Waterfront / Riverfront bandaraya Kuching mempunyai tarikan baru dengan pembukaan jambatan pejalan kaki - Jambatan Darul Hana. Jambatan berbentuk huruf S panjang 335 meter dibuka rasmi pada 11 Nov (11/11) pukul 11.11 malam. Belanja pembinaannya ialah Rm35 juta. Sebelum nama rasmi tersebut JDH dipanggil sebagai Golden Bridge.

Kesempatan ke Jambatan Darul Hana diambil ketika ke Kuching bersama rakan sekolah yang sudah menetap lama di Petra Jaya.

Jambatan Darul Hana
(dengan latar belakangnya Bangunan DUN Sarawak)

Berfoto di Jambatan Darul Hana

- - - - -

Hotel Pullman

We were given accommodation at Pullman Hotel.  Actually the accommodation was arranged by the organizer and all paid for. All we need to do is check-in and get the room key. The hotel is located at the river front vicinity with many other hotels nearby.

According to online info Pullman rate is about RM230-Rm300. But for govt function it could be cheaper maybe around Rm160 and it come with b/fast for one pax.

Pullman Hotel (as seen from Warong Nusantara)

Note: other hotels nearby are Riverside Majestic (Rm160) and Imperial Riverbank (Rm100).
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Warong Nusantara Kuching

Sesampai di Airport Kuching kenderaan JTS telah menunggu. Pemandunya bernama Azmi dan membawa kami terus ke Warong Nusantara (WN) untuk singgah minum sementara menunggu waktu check-in penginapan. WN beralamat di Jalan Bukit Mata Kuching betul-betul bersebelahan Hotel Pullman. WN turut mempunyai premis restoran di beberapa lokasi lain sekitar Kuching.

WN menyediakan berbagai juadah Sarawak dan menurut bualan roti canai mereka adalah antara paling sedap di Kuching. WN merupakan salah sebuah kedai makan yang dibuka 24 jam. Selain WN ada tiga lagi tempat makan yang turut dibuka 24 jam (source - ilovekch)

Sesi minum di WN
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Perjalanan Ke Kuching Sarawak

Pertama kali ke Kuching pada Nov 2017 sempena lawatan kerja satu program anjuran Jabatan Tanah dan Survei Sarawak. Perjalanan pergi dari Senai dengan penerbangan Air Asia berlepas pukul 11.45 pagi. Penerbangan mengambil masa sekitar 1 jam 30 minit.

Balai Ketibaan Airport Kuching
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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Timbalai Trig Station

In surveying trigonometric stations (usually referred to as trig station) are a very important infrastructure. They provide control coordinate so that surveying can be easily carried out throughout its surrounding area. In Labuan, there is one trigonometric station available -Timbalai trig station. In survey practice Timbalai is not only known for its trig station but further more it is also a datum point for the whole East Malaysia mapping system.

The signage of Timbalai trig station

The main gate to Timbalai trig station

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Dewan Serbaguna Labuan

Dewan Serbaguna Labuan is the place for Anuar's nikah and wedding ceremony which took place on Saturday and Sunday respectively. The Dewan is about twenty minutes drive from Tiara.

Dewan Serbaguna Labuan

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Friday, August 25, 2017

Cabin Cafe

Cabin Cafe is one the attractions among tourist and also local in Labuan. It is about ten minutes drive from Tiara.

Cabin Cafe
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War Memorial

War Memorial is jst 5 mintes drive from Tiara.



One of the tomb plagues
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Tiara Villa

We came to Labuan with a big families. Other family members were staying in Tiara too. They stayed at villa with big rooms.

Swimming pool
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