Saturday, December 16, 2017

Mount Eden ACK

We arrived ACK at about 3pm and our first stop was at Mount Eden. It is just about 5km from down town and it is the highest volcano in ACK. The last eruption was bout 15,000 years ago, leaving a crater 50 meter deep.

Climbing trail

View of ACK from ME

Do not enter crater

Trigonometric point on top of Mount Eden

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From HVM Tauranga to ACK

From HVM we continued our jouney and drive for about four hours to Auckland.

Parking space at HVM

- - - - -

Cafe at HVM

After touring the HVM and before we exit we have a short stop at a cafe there.

Food counter

Ice cream kiosk

Having tea and donut

- - - - -

Historic Village Market (3)

Some of the classical buildings at Historic Village ....

Town Board & Library

Fire Station


- - - - -

Historic Village Market (2)

What is so special about Historic Village Market? The Historic Village was opened in 1977 and has a diverse history. It originally began as a working museum. The Historic Village grounds are open 7 days a week. Entry is FREE.    

The Incubator

Historic Village Market

From Surico Alpaca (SA) we continued our journey by driving for about 40 minutes to another attractive place - The Historical Village Market. The place is located near Tauranga town about 46 km from SA.

The Historic Village is a collection of original and replica buildings from early Tauranga (source - historicvillage).

One of  the buildings at the Historic Village compound
- - - - -

Surico Alpaca (3)

We spend almost two hours touring the alpaca farm. Now time to say goodbye.

The owner house and vehicles within the farm compound.

- - - - -

Surio Alpaca (2)

After touring the farm we then were brought to the store (or the shop) where fabric products of alpaca being display.

The store/shop where they display product from alpaca

Some of the fabrics made of alpaca wool display neatly

- - - - -

Visit Surico Alpaca at Hamurana

In early years of secondary school when learning geography of South America we learn about two special animals Illama and Alpaca. Both are belong to countries in South America (especially Peru, Chile and Bolivia). In NZ there are places where Alpacas are being farmed. One of the farms is Surico Alpaca at Hamurana near Rotorua. We made appointment with the Surico's owners to visit their farm.

Surico Alpaca office

The owner (in red shirt) takes us for walk around her farm

The Alpacas

- - - - -

Taupo to Surico Alpaca

The next morning after check-out we travel from Taupo back to Rotorua enroute to Surico Alpaca, a farm famous for Alpaca farming. It is located at Hamurana. The distance from Taupo to Surico Alpaca is 95 km and about 1 hour 15 minutes drive.

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Friday, December 15, 2017

McD with Aeroplane at Taupo

We spotted a McD while walking around Fuel Burger at Taupo. It is not so much about the McD but what is attracting is a big aeroplane model just outside that McD.

A McD restaurant at Taupo (with an aeroplane model outside)

- - - - -

Mosque at Taupo

Alhamdulillah ... there is a mosque in Taupo. It is also known as Taupo Islamic Centre.

Read Taupo mosque website (here).

Taupo Islamic Centre

It is also a mosque

Read about islam in NZ at wiki and Muslims in NZ facebook.
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Burger Fuel Taupo

Every one is hungry and we search a place to eat and we went to Burger Fuel. It is a big name in NZ (read website). Read about halal burger at Burger Fuel (here - link) as well as at zabihah.

See ... halal instruction in the order chit

Enjoying burger at Burger Fuel

- - - - -

Lake Taupo

Nothing much to look at in Taupo. The main attraction is Lake Taupo. Lake Taupo is a national treasure. It is clean, clear lake, water quality is good for swimming and for the plants and animals that live in it.

Lake Taupo

With small population the town seems quite

More info about Lake Taupo can be read here - link1; link2

- - - - -

Taupo Town

We went out to Taupo in the evening probably at around 5 pm. Taupo is a town on the shore of Lake Taupo. It has a population of 24,500 (2017 statistics). The town is rank number twenty largest in term of the population. The main economy of Taupo is tourism.

Nice view of Taupo

Homestay at Taupo 2

The homestay is spacious and really comfortable for five people.

Bedroom one

Bedroom two



- - - - -

Homestay at Taupo

We arrived Taupo at about 4 pm and headed straight to our homestay.

Finding the house key

The homestay is unit on ground level

Living room with additional bed

- - - - -